Club Kit

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Exclusive club bidons are available from Lloyd at £2.50 each. He usually has a supply with him at The Star on Tuesday nights. So kit yourself out and add style to any ride.

tom cycling 2 PZW Di's jersey 2 pz jersey

Here is a selection of club jersey designs from past years....

A very young Tom Southam waiting to start his first ever road race at Castle Coombe in 1994 wearing the then current PZW jersey (allegedly borrowed from Mike Tonkin). Tom went on to become a professional rider of international repute, representing Great Britain at the Worlds.

Mike Tonkin stayed at Penzance Wheelers and rides for the club to this day...

Here, Tom Southam, Andy Ellis and Jason Ball are wearing the last but one jersey design. This jersey is still seen on today's club rides from time to time.

This version of the PZW kit dates back to the 1980's. The rider is Keith Lilley. Note the red bar tape and cables (which were clearly chosen to match the jersey) plus the old-style down tube levers and much loved Turbo saddle. Oh, and the 'hair net' headgear...

This was the club jersey design up until the end of 2012.  

Why wear club kit?


You don't have to, but here are some reasons why:


- It looks good!


- It promotes the club


- You'll feel you belong


- It's quality kit from Endura


- It's highly visibilie, which gets you noticed and helps keep you safe.

How do I get hold of club kit?


We aim to hold a stock of basic club kit in a range of sizes for both men and women.


Current stock: For a list of what is currently available click here.

Endura size guide: please click here for the size guide.


To arrange purchase or discuss kit, please contact Ed Joslin by email.


You can purchase club kit from the shop at any time you wish, as long as it is in stock.

Your order can be posted to you free of charge if collection in person is not convenient.


If you wish to buy something which is out of stock, please let Ed know anyway so he can bear it in mind for future purchase orders


In the past we have tried to place orders at least twice a year for non-stock items, so that members may buy exactly what they want from the extensive range of custom kit available. Unfortunately, due to changes in minimum order levels now required by Endura a rethink of how we can do non-stock orders has been necessitated. We're working on it........

Lloyd showing kit changes - AGM Dec 12

Lloyd Peters shows the updated kit design at the club AGM.

Old PZW kit

Gerry, proudly sporting some old Wheelers kit from way back.

PZW club jersey - 2013 design

The updated (2013) PZW club jersey

The new winter jacket..............


Following approval for go-ahead at the AGM, here is the new Wheelers winter jacket. Click here for illustrations.


It's a new manufacturer – Parentini – and the jacket is well designed, optimally-fitted (sleeves the right length when you're on the bike for example) and stylish.


It's an Intermedia jacket – Windtex and water repellant, but lighter than a full-on heavy garment for freezing conditions. The reason? It's ideal for Cornish winters, where it gets cold yes, but the thermometer rarely gets down to nought. Consequently the jacket will cover more months of the year (winter, but also those chilly mornings in April for example). In short, you'll get really good use out of it. See here for details


OK – sizing. Parentini, despite being Italian, are true to size. That means an M in your civvies is an M in the jacket. Here is the sizing chart:


Price is £79 plus VAT. So £94.80.


The club is going to order in a number of jackets, but please indicate on here whether you'd like one. That will give us an idea of quantities.


This is a cool departure for the club and the impetus to get us wearing matching kit and looking like a proper outfit on rides. As David Millar said, if you look good, you are good.

NEWS - At the Committee Meeting on 17/10/2017 it was decided that Lloyd will draw up some designs for a new jersey based on the new winter jacket design. He will call a meeting to show members etc prior to new jersey design being introduced in 2018.