Club Champion competition




With the new season under way the club have decided to run a new competition "CLUB CHAMPION". This will run on a points system for all PZW members who can gain points for either riding or marshalling/helping at PZW events. The events will comprise all of the PZW time trials (except the Boxing Day 10) and both the crits that PZW will run at Wheal Jane.


After the PZW first TT event of the season it became apparent that we had overlooked some details.


Our aim was always to involve all PZW riders and make it as fair as possible for everyone to take part in this competition, and also to encourage all club members to have a go at riding TTs, racing and marshalling/helping out.


To be eligible for this competition you must :


1 Be a member of PZW

2 Marshall a minimum of 2 races

3 Ride in at least 1 race


With this in mind we have amended some of the rules to make it a more level playing field.


1. Points for PZW TTs


   These will now be awarded as follows :


   1st  15 points

   2nd 14 points

   3rd 13 points 


and so on, carrying on down to 4 points for 12th place, with every other PZW rider that finishes the event being awarded 3 points.


Marshalls shall continue to receive 10 points per event


2. Males v Females


Male and female participants will be awarded points independently at each event i.e. 1st placed man and woman both receiving 15 points, 2nd place both receiving 14 points, however all competitors will be included in a single competition for the Club Champion trophy so that it may be won by male of female members.etc..


3. Crit Racing


Points will be allocated as above in all of the different categories of races on the day.


4. Marshalling/Helping out.


If PZW riders also help out at OPEN EVENTS OR CRITS this will count as 1 of their marshalling duties , but only the ride or marshalling points will count, whichever is the greater not both.



Happy cycling and see you all on the road.


Let the battle commenced and look forward to seeing you all at the PZW races!!

Leader Board standings


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