Wheal Jane Cycle Circuit - 2017 Race Dates!


Below are the full list of individual dates for racing this year at Wheal Jane. These dates are now on the British Cycling website. Just follow the individual race links below and enter online. The youth races will be run as a series, and there are 3 adult races…



Dates for Adult racing 2017:


Event 1 – Sun 2nd April – Adult Races



Event 2 – Sun 7th May – Adult Races



Event 3 – Sun 16th July – Adult Races


(there are separate women’s, cat 2/3, and cat 4 races)



There's also Youth Racing on the following dates (see BC website for details):


Youth Round 1 – Sat 4th March

Youth Round 2 – Sat 1st April

Youth Round 3 – Sat 6th May

Youth Round 4 – Sat 3rd June

Youth Round 5 – Sat 15th July

Youth Round 6 – Sat 5th August

Youth Round 7 – Sat 16th Sept


(Youth races cats A-E)


2017 Race and Time Trial Dates

 TT CONTACTS (Club Secretaries)


  • IVOR EDMONDS   01208813962                        CAMEL VALLEY CC

  • JIM KING           01726 882912 (work 018722 72972)                    TRURO CC

  • DAMIAN AYLING       (Contact via club site)                                           PENZANCE WHEELERS

  • GEORGE SMITH        0172663974                                        ST AUSTELL WHEELERS

  • TONY FARNELL        01326312654                                        ONE & ALL




  • For open events the entry form is the current Cycling Time Trials issue (AUGUST 2011)            

  • The entry form is signed by the entrant        

  • The entrant's club is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials

  • If the entrant is under 18 years of age, a parental consent form has been signed.


  • Any cheque is properly completed (MADE OUT TO THE CLUB NOT THE ORGANISER), UNLESS STATED



The following events are the PZW Championship events. Only PZW members qualify.


14/05/17 - SAW - 25 mile TT (S101/25)


11/06/17 - CVCC - 10 mile TT (S6/10)


09/07/17 - SAW - 50 mile TT (S100/50)


The above are open events so have to be entered via the CTT website in advance (usually at least 10 days before the event)


The next to are club events and can be entered on the day


20/07/17 - PZW  - Circuit Cup (10 mile TT on Leedstown course)


17/08/17 - PZW - Jack Rackam (same as above but road bikes only)


20/10/17 - Hill climb (Hells Mouth)


Any questions or if people are unsure how to enter contact Damian Ayling or email the club.

Event 2 and Event 3 are being run by Penzance Wheelers. A minimum of 11 helpers are required to run the events, so please step up and volunteer as we want to make these events a success and support all of the hard work that has been done to get the Wheal Jane Circuit up and running.

Wheal Jane Circuit banner



Unfortunately the Penzance Wheelers Club TT at Leedstown on 6th July (Thursday) has been cancelled. This is due to the road bring closed at Praze for a carnival.


Normal TT service will be resumed on 20/07/17. For club members this event (20/07) is the Circuit Cup so make sure to rock up and race.